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Temple ~ Wood Wick Candle

Temple ~ Wood Wick Candle

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Mood: Zen & Earthy

Notes Of: Incense - Patchouli - Musk

During the Lunar New Year celebrations, it is common for people to visit temples to pray for good fortune, health, and prosperity in the coming year. Temples are adorned with festive decorations, and the atmosphere is filled with the scent of incense as worshippers gather to pay respects and make offerings. Our Temple inspired candle has a perfect aromatic blend of earthy sweetness and spiritual warmness—a great way to set your space with a calming essence and invite positive energy into your celebrations.

Our promise to you is that every single product we hand-craft will be made with extra care, love and positive energy :)

Dimensions + Details

Candle Size: 8oz
Burn Time: up to 40 hours

Diameter: 2-3/4"
Height: 2-7/8"

Reusable can container — give it a second life!

Made in Montréal with an all natural wax blend of soy, coconut & beeswax. Wood wicks that are FSC certified for an eco-friendly clean burn and premium fragrance oils free from parabens & phthalates.

Candle Care + Safety

  • For optimal burning, we recommend burning your candle long enough where the entire surface becomes liquid with each burn. This will prevent tunnelling in your candle.
  • Before relighting your candle, always be sure to trim your wick to 1/4". This will ensure a longer and cleaner burn while keeping the flame under control.
  • Never leave your candle unattended while burning and always burn your candle on a fire proof surface that is clear of obstructions. 
  • If there is less than 1/2" of wax remaining do not light your candle. Doing so will increase the chances of overheating the vessel.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Jessica F.

This might be my new favorite scent. Hard to explain exactly how it smells without smelling it, but it smells very ‘zen’. Puts me in a very relaxing mood. In love with this!

Smells like my childhood home with my grandparents. I’m in tears

Hi, I purchased this from the makers market today. I smelled all of the lunar new year ones, Mandarin, Fortune and Temple. I tried this and it immediately takes me back to when I was little and visiting my grandparents house for Lunar new year. It reminds me of the times we went to the temple together as a family for new year. It reminds me of when my grandparents have an altar with pictures of loved ones and we light incense for them to remember them.

If you’re from a Chinese family like mine and you miss home. This will take you back in an instant. It’s so uncanny. Thank you bask hour for making this and helping me remember my childhood and my loved ones.

If you’re on the fence for deciding which candle you’d like and love the smell of the incense and the temple. You won’t regret this choice.